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Top Ten Risks in Net-Centric Systems

[document] Submitted on 25 March, 2017 - 20:44
Keywords net-centric systems risks

Net-cetric defined:

• Net-centric -Participating as a part of a continuously-evolving, complex community of people, devices, information and services interconnected by networks to achieve optimal benefit of resources and better synchronization of events and their consequences. –Involves more than interfaces and interoperability –Views the network as an enabler and distribution channel–Built on concepts like industry-wide standards and service-oriented architectures–Facilitates collaboration and real-time access to knowledge–Security, availability and quality of service directly impact the warfighter’s ability to succeed on the battlefield

More mitigation actions:

• Whenever possible, use components that are on the certified products list (per common criteria)
• Keep all of your critical software up-to-date•Address false alarm rates by properly configuring your intrusion detection and/or prevention devices•Keep abreast of new and known vulnerabilities by monitoring the CVE
• Initiate alerts/alarms using a situation awareness display via the network operations center
• Design your systems to prevent insider as well as outsider attacks

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• Identify the “top ten”risks
• Discuss what you can do about them
• Highlight others’experiences
• Recommend that you tackle risks head-on
• Tell you that “even with all the headaches that the move to net-centric systems is worth the pain”

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