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1.2 This Deskbook:

10. This Deskbook is part of a suite of MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF) documentation that is being released at Version 1.0. The Deskbook is not intended to be an authoritative technical document with respect to MODAF and only provides limited information regarding the background to MODAF, the benefits that will result from its implementation and the technical detail needed to produce MODAFcompliant architectures. Should more information be required, then it is suggested that the reader consult the MODAF Overview document (MODAF-M09-002) in the first instance, and then the MODAF Handbook Volume 2 (M07-022) for detailed technical information.

11. The Deskbook intends to provide pertinent MODAF-specific information and guidance to this community’s specific business processes and activities, placing particular emphasis on understanding how current processes/activities relate to the future needs of the community. The insight to this was provided through community-related documentation and engagement with the specific community of interest through a series of workshops and participation in the document review board.

12. Naturally, as these processes and activities evolve, it may be necessary to release updated versions of this Deskbook for the benefit of the community. Should any changes, errors or omissions be noticed while reading this document then these should be brought to the attention of the MODAF Project Management team, whose contact details are published in Section 5 of this Deskbook.

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