MODAF White Paper on Systems View 1 (OV-2): Operational Node Connectivity Description

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Overview of Operation Node Connectivity Description:

The OV-2 view is split into two views which define the connectivity between operational nodes. The views are:

• OV-2a Operational Node Connectivity Specification – identifies the required or existing connectivity between operational nodes
• OV-2b Operational Node Needline Specification – defines the types of information to be communicated across each of the needlines identified in OV-2a.

Operation Node Connectivity Specification (OV-2a) – Product Description:

Product Definition – The Operational Node Connectivity Specification (OV-2a) graphically depicts the operational nodes (or organizations) with needlines between those nodes that indicate a need to exchange information. The OV-2a may also show the location (geographic, or platform) of operational nodes. The operational nodes shown in an OV-2a may be internal to the architecture, or external nodes that communicate with those internal nodes.

Product Purpose – OV-2a is intended to track the need to exchange information from specific operational nodes (that play a key role in the architecture) to others. OV-2a does not depict the physical connectivity between the nodes. Product Detailed Description – The main features of this product are the operational nodes, the platform or location where the nodes are deployed, and the needlines between the nodes that indicate a need to exchange or share information. The product indicates the key players and the interactions necessary to conduct the corresponding operational activities of OV-5.

Operational Nodes3. An operational node is an element of the operational architecture that produces, consumes, or processes information. What constitutes an operational node can vary among architectures, including, but not limited to; representing an operational/human role (e.g., Air Operations Commander), an organization (e.g., The Ministry of Defence) or organization type, i.e., a logical or functional grouping (e.g., Logistics Node, Intelligence Node), and so on. The notion of operational node will also vary depending on the level of detail addressed by the architecture effort.

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