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The Smart Acquisition Process refers to risk reduction across the whole procurement activity. Initially, the area where MODAF architectures can provide most assistance is in reducing dependency and interoperability risks. AcV-2 SoS Acquisition Programmes identifies the main dependencies and timescales, including how the Defence Lines of Development (DLODs) are expected to develop and mature throughout the acquisition cycle. This can be used to analyse the key programme risks, including an assessment of the risks associated with all LoDs.

OV-5 Operational Activity Model (from the URD) and StV-5 Capability to Systems Deployment Mapping (if available from Customer 1) can be useful to assess the effects of changing the scope of the required capability. In terms of development risks, the URD and SRD (including their related Views) shall be the main inputs into risk reduction, through the tender process. Depending on the acquisition, this process may take several months or years, during which time the solution and associated risk will be traded off in conjunction with the bidders (and ultimately the preferred bidder). The SO shall be involved with the drawing up of the Invitation To Tender (ITT) and any subsequent Tender Assessments to confirm these
documents have the correct Standards Portfolio.

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