MODAF Requirements Management Reference Guide

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The Operational Views developed along with the URD during the Concept Stage help inform the development of the System Views and the associated System Requirements Document (SRD). A draft SRD is developed for Initial Gate, and the document is refined during the Assessment Stage, producing an agreed version at Main Gate. The diagram above shows how the MODAF Views that support the SRD mature during the acquisition lifecycle. Please refer to the SRD Reference Guide and the Acquisition Deskbook for further information regarding SRD development.

MODAF architectures are particularly suited to the development of Validation and Verification (V&V) Requirements for the ITEAP. Although the ITEAP is intended to support test and evaluation conducted during Demonstration and Manufacture stages it is important that its production and refinement is commenced as early as possible in the CADMID cycle. In addition to the Views illustrated, any of the SRD Views may be used as the basis for the V&V Requirements in developing the ITEAP.

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This guide intends to provide the key information about the MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF) Views required for
Requirements Management. More detailed information can be found in the Acquisition Deskbook, by referencing, or by contacting the DPA Integration Authority.

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