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• Relationship- A connection that asserts how an entity (or object) can permissibly interact with the outside world (ie with other entities or objects).

• Requirement- A need, a demand or a constraint.

• Role- A function or position filled by a person or organisation.

• Rule- Statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the enterprise.

• System- Any organised assembly of resources and procedures united and regulated by interaction or interdependence to
accomplish a set of specific functions.

• System Function- A function that is performed by a system. Although commonly used to refer to data transformation within IT systems it may also refer to the delivery of military capabilities such a “ground manoeuvre” or “deep strike”.

• System of Systems- A set or arrangement of independent systems that are related or connected to provide a given capability. The loss of any part of the system will degrade the performance or capabilities of the whole.

• Systems Node -A node with the identification and allocation of resources (eg, platforms, units, facilities,
and locations) required to implement specific roles and missions.

• Task- A discrete unit of work, not specific to a single organisation, weapon system or individual, that enables missions or functions to be accomplished.

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This glossary defines terms that have been widely used in the context of MODAF and Enterprise Architecture. Where terms are not defined, the ordinary dictionary usage should be assumed. Where applicable the comments column identifies known sources for the definition and expansions on the definitions.

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