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What is Enterprise Architecture?

7. An Enterprise Architecture is the formal description of the structure and function of the components of an enterprise, their interrelationships, and the principles and guidelines governing their design and evolution over time.

8. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is about managing and understanding complexity – covering how business / operational requirements are met by technical and operational capability. The term “architecture” is apt – EA is all about providing blue-prints (models) of the organisation and the systems that support it. In order to provide coherent and consistent models, it is necessary to have a “framework” which defines the different types of model that can be used, and how those models inter-relate. MODAF is a framework for MOD architectures, both in the business-space and the battle-space.

9. Architectures can be viewed as models which support business processes by providing a data-based representation of that business. This representation can be used inter alia: in analysis, for the articulation of issues and requirements, as a support to planning, and as a means of solution design and validation. Architectures are developed at a level of granularity that is appropriate for a given objective. Using an architecture framework, Architectures can be developed for the smallest sub-system or for an entire enterprise.

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5. The MOD Architectural Framework (MODAF) is an enabler for managing complexity. It provides a specification of how to represent an integrated model of an enterprise, from the operational / business aspects to the Systems that provide capability, with appropriate Standards and programmatic aspects. It assists in managing complexity by providing a logical, standardised way to present and integrate models of the enterprise. By covering both the operational and technical aspects across the enterprise, MODAF-compliant Architectures enable all communities of interest to gain the essential common understanding that will be required to deliver the benefits to be derived from Network Enabled Capability (NEC) 1.

6. MODAF provides a rigorous method for understanding, analysing, and specifying: Capabilities, Systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), Organisational Structures and Business Processes. It is intended to facilitate the successful delivery of NEC. The key benefits that MODAF delivers are improvements to the specification and implementation of interoperability between Systems. MODAF supports a wide variety of MOD processes, including: capabilit management, acquisition and sustainment.

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