Enterprise Reference Model

Benefits of a Reference Model:

• Consistent models can be built, rather than a series of unconnected views, allowing validation across the set
• Organisations involved with modelling will be able to form a deeper understanding of each others’ models from seeing the views
• Provides a common language for modelling architectures
• It could form the basis of a model-exchange protocol between the different modelling tools, allowing the models to be manipulated and extended once they had been moved
• It could provide the structure around which a Taxonomy is built.

Why a new model is required?

• The CADM is seen as overly cumbersome – good for when it was produced, but modelling ideas have since moved on.
• SysML needs extending to provide an architectural modelling language which addresses architecture concepts, enables consistent modelling of MOD architectures and which enables queries across a wide range of architecture models.
• The model must attempt to bring together existing modelling approaches in an evolutionary rather than revolutionary fashion – a product that can be accepted by modellers across the MoD.

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