Aeronautical Design Standard (ADS) Handbook- Airworthiness Qualification and Verification Guidance for Electro-optical and Sensor Systems

Keywords aeronautical design standard airworthiness qualification airworthiness verification guidance for electro-optical and sensor systems

1.0 SCOPE.
This document establishes the guidance for airworthiness qualification and discusses the methods of verification for Electro-Optical (EO) and Sensor Systems (SS), mission sensor group, and any other targeting/pilotage systems installed on U.S. Army aircraft. It also establishes the guidance for ancillary equipment, including displays, lasers and targeting systems. The sensors and system-related EO equipment are collectively referred to as a “sensor system” in this document. A combination of analyses and testing is used to verify the design, installation and operation of the sensor system and to support airworthiness qualification.

2.1 General. This section lists references that are cited in this document.
2.2 Government Documents.
2.2.1 Specifications, standards, and handbooks. The following specifications, standards and handbooks form a part of this document to the extent specified herein. It is recommended that the latest versions be used unless otherwise stated within the specification:

• AMCP 706-203 Engineering Design Handbook, Helicopter Engineering Part III, Qualification Assurance
• JSSG-2010-5 Joint Services Crew Systems Aircraft Lighting Handbook
• JSSG-2010-7 Crash Protection Handbook
• JSSG-2010-11 Emergency Egress Handbook MIL-E-7016 Electrical Load and Power Source Capacity Aircraft

Analyses for:

• MIL-L-85762 Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS)
• MIL-STD-461 Electromagnetic Interference Characteristic Requirements for Equipment Subsystem and System
• MIL-STD-464 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements for Systems
• MIL-STD-704 Aircraft Electrical Power Characteristics
• MIL-STD-810 Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines
• MIL-STD-882 System Safety Program Requirements
• MIL-STD-1472 Human Engineering
• MIL-STD-1787 Aircraft Display Symbology
• MIL-STD-2525 Common Warfighting Symbology

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