DoD Training Materials Development Handbook (Part 1 of 2)

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4.1 Purpose.
Fleet readiness requires personnel who are trained to meet the minimum operation or maintenance requirements, or who have sufficient training to rapidly reach proficiency upon reporting to their job assignment. The Training Materials Development Process provides direction to develop the training for those reporting to the fleet.

4.2 Focus.
This handbook provides practical application of techniques and procedures and gives step-by-step instructions for developing the various components of the training materials. The basis for most of the training supporting fleet readiness is equipment-man interaction which consists of the equipment needs that are met by man. Although the focus of the Training Materials Development Process is on equipment operation and maintenance, the same procedures and sequences may also lead to the design and production of training materials for non-equipment related assignments (e.g., Navy instructor, administration).

4.3 Systematic approach.
The Training Materials Development Process is a systematic approach to training. This approach integrates the process of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The system approach to training proceeds from an analysis of job task inventories to a selection of tasks to be trained, the identification of skills and knowledge required to support those tasks, the development of training objectives, the design and development of training materials, the conduct of courses, and the evaluation of courses and course materials, This approach to training provides positive identification of training requirements, implements standard guidelines for materials development, and assesses the effectiveness of training and training materials.

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