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DoE Guide to Good Practices for Team Training and Diagnostic Skills Development

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2.1 Discussion

The skills and knowledge developed and improved during the training described in this section should enhance the ability of facility personnel to function effectively in teams. For any group to function effectively, its members must possess both technical and teamwork skills. In situations where resources are limited or when actions must be taken promptly,
teamwork becomes increasingly important. Team deficiencies considered insignificant during normal situations may become major obstacles in the decision-making and action initiation process during abnormal conditions. Examples of obstacles and potential effects include the following:

• Actions are not performed or are performed incorrectly due to improper communications
• Actions are not verified due to misunderstandings of roles or responsibilities
• Blindly following incorrectly worded procedures can misguide task performance
• Individual performance is inhibited due to stress
• Desired actions are not conducted due to coordination problems
• Important paperwork is improperly filled out or routed due to improper communications
• Results of expensive experiments and projects are ruined due to poor initial communications or direction.

Any of these obstacles resulting from poor teamwork could disrupt operations, experiments, projects, or paperwork flow and possibly cause a safety risk or environmental hazard to occur.

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1. This Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook is approved for use by all DOE Components and their contractors. The Handbook incorporates editorial changes to DOESTD- 1007-92, Guide to Good Practices for Teamwork Training and Diagnostic Skills Development, and supersedes DOE-STD-1007-92. Technical content of this Handbook has not changed from the original technical standard. Changes are primarily editorial improvements, redesignation of the standard to a Handbook, and format changes to
conform with current Technical Standards Program procedures.
2. This technical standard provides guidance to DOE staff and contractors that can be used to modify existing programs or to develop new programs. DOE contractors should not feel obligated to adopt all parts of this guide. Rather, they can use the information in this guide to develop programs that apply to their facility. This guide can be used as an aid in developing a program for initial and continuing training. The training on teamwork and
diagnostic skills, as outlined in the guide, can be applied to any working group whose success is dependent on the interaction of the individuals.

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