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DoE Guide to Good Practices for the Development of Test Items

[document] Submitted on 30 April, 2017 - 21:27
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Test items consist of two components: the content (what is asked) and the format (the way it is asked). The quality of the test item depends as much on the way the test item is constructed as on the content. Important topics that are tested by ambiguous, awkward, or poorly specified test items cannot be considered valid. Therefore, the selection of valid topics and the careful construction of test items are equally important parts of a valid test development process.

The conversion of a learning objective into a test item is, in part, a creative process. Yet, there are certain procedures and guidelines that can help in writing a test item and in ensuring that the test item will measure the knowledge, skill, or ability that it is intended to measure.

Five steps are involved in developing test items:
• Test item format should be determined
• Number of test items to be developed should be determined
• Skill and knowledge test items should be written
• Test item content should be validated
• Test items should be incorporated into the test bank for future use.

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1. This Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook is approved for use by all DOE Components and their contractors. The Handbook incorporates editorial changes to DOESTD- 1009-92, Guide to Good Practices for the Development of Test Items, and supersedes DOE-STD-1009-92. Technical content of this Handbook has not changed from the original technical standard. Changes are primarily editorial improvements, redesignation of the standard to a Handbook, and format changes to conform with current Technical Standards Program procedures.

2. This technical standard, used in conjunction with the DOE Guide to Good Practices for the Design, Development, and Implementation of Examinations, can be used as an aid to provide a framework for the systematic development of valid and reliable examinations. Detailed examples of short answer, multiple-choice, and essay test-item formats are included to aid in developing effective test items. Users are not obligated to adopt all parts of this Handbook; rather, they can selectively use the information to establish or improve facility training programs as applicable.

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