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DoE Handbook Guide to Good Practices for Maintenance Supervisor Selection and Development

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The program for developing candidates and incumbent supervisors should be developed using a systematic approach. Using a systematic approach for the development of training programs for maintenance supervisors should improve the quality of supervision and employee performance. The selection of maintenance supervisors should be a careful and thoughtful process that recognizes the responsibilities unique to the maintenance supervisor position. Maintenance supervisors are those personnel who, as their primary job function, have direct responsibility and authority for assigning jobs, overseeing and directing maintenance activities, and coaching or correcting maintenance craft personnel.

2.1 Education and Experience

Educational and experience requirements should be consistent with those stipulated in DOE Orders and in other applicable regulatory documents. As a minimum, a high school education or General Education Development (GED) equivalent is recommended for entry into the maintenance supervisor training program. Educational achievements should be reviewed as part of the selection process for identifying prospective maintenance supervisors. Educational weaknesses directly related to job responsibilities should be corrected through appropriate training.

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This guide has been developed based on functional responsibilities typical of the electrical, instrument and control, mechanical, and maintenance supervisor positions. This guide applies to all levels of maintenance supervision, up to but not including the maintenance manager. The following are included in these guidelines:

· An assessment and selection process for supervisor candidates.
· An outline for an initial supervisory training program for the selected candidates to enhance their current skills.
· An outline for a continuing training program to maintain and improve the abilities of supervisors.

Incumbent supervisors should be trained on selected subjects of these guidelines, based on identified needs. When selecting personnel for assignment to the maintenance supervisor position, facility management should compare the candidates' demonstrated leadership, work standards, and analytical abilities, as well as experience, past performance, education, training, and knowledge of the facility, as they relate to the responsibilities of the position. Facility line managers should select those individuals who have the potential to demonstrate high qualities of leadership, supervision, judgment, motivation, integrity, and professionalism demanded of supervisors within the Department of Energy (DOE) community.

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