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DoE Guide to Good Practices for Continuing Training

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This guide provides a framework around which facility-specific continuing training programs can be tailored. It does not specify the content of continuing training programs that would apply to any specific facility. Determination of program content should be an ongoing effort at each facility.

The long-term goal of a continuing training program should be to maintain and improve employee job performance. A short-term goal of continuing training should be to identify and correct weaknesses in their performance. To help in accomplishing these goals, the objectives and priorities of continuing training should be determined by using needs analyses, job analyses, feedback from facility managers, supervisors, and trainees, periodic evaluation of performance during facility operation, operating experience, compliance training, and the results of examinations. Whenever continuing training is conducted using material originally developed for initial training purposes, the specific objectives to be covered should be clearly defined.

To maintain and enhance the proficiency of facility personnel, a program with both a fixed and a flexible component is suggested. The fixed component is designed to maintain proficiency by providing a structured review of topics selected from the initial training program over a two-year period. The flexible component is used to correct actual or potential weaknesses of personnel and to train on operating experiences, modifications, and procedure changes.

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1.1 Purpose

This guide provides contractor training organizations with information and methods useful in the development and implementation of continuing training programs using a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process. It can be used with DOE orders, standards, and handbooks to aid in the development of continuing training programs. It should be used in conjunction with the DOE Training Program Handbook: A Systematic Approach to Training and the DOE Handbook for Alternative Systematic Approaches to Training. This guide is based on good practices used at DOE and commercial facilities. Contractors may use these guidelines as they develop or modify their program.

1.2 Discussion
The goals of continuing training are to maintain and enhance the ability of personnel to perform job assignments and to ensure facility safety and reliability. To achieve these goals, a continuing training program should cover the knowledge and skills required for safe operations. The program should also be flexible enough to cover industry operating experiences, performance problems, facility modifications, and procedure changes. A facility can meet these needs by ensuring that the continuing training program satisfies the following broad objectives (as applicable to the facility):

· Maintain and upgrade the skills and knowledge necessary for personnel to accomplish routine and emergency duties
· Maintain the employees' awareness and understanding of the need for the safe operation of the facility
· Emphasize the importance to personnel of lessons learned from operating experience to prevent repetition of errors

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