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DoE Work Smart Standards (WSS) Users Handbook

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5.0 Understanding the Necessary and Sufficient (N&S) Closure Process

The authority for Process use is established in the contracting mechanisms specified in the Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR). When adopted, it is envisioned that the Process will form a key tailoring mechanism for the standards set established within a formally structured Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS). The Process always builds on the
cooperative engagement of the parties involved and will not function properly if this precept is not fully understood and honored. The Process promotes good communication among all participants and a recognition that the application of the Process is tailored based on the work, hazards and work place. Poor communication and preemptive rigidity in Process implementation are signs that an “agreement to agree,” that is the basis for cooperative engagement, is lacking. Frequently asked questions with corresponding answers concerning the N&S Process are provided in Appendix A.

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The purpose of this Handbook is to provide users of the N&S Process with amplification, practical examples, and references to available resource material to assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining the WSS set as a vital component of Integrated Safety Management (see Section 3.0, Applicable Documents.) This Handbook is intended to improve the understanding of the application of the N&S Process so that substantial benefit can be realized in terms of worker and public safety, environmental protection, mission accomplishment, and cost. The information in this Handbook is based on lessons learned from applications of the Necessary and Sufficient Closure Process for Work Smart Standards and was prepared by an experienced team of DOE and contractor practioners of the N&S process and the ISMS.

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