Military Handbook- Reliability Growth Management

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Benefits of Reliability Growth Management

• The initial prototypes for a complex system with major technological advances will invariably have significant reliability and performance deficiencies that could not be foreseen in the early design stage. The prototypes, therefore are subjected to a development testing program to surface problems so that improvements in system design can be made. The ensuing system reliability and performance characteristics will depend on the number and effectiveness of these fixes. The ultimate goal of the development test program is to meet the system reliability and performance requirements. Experience has shown that programs which rely simply on a final demonstrate on by itself to determine compliance with the reliability requirements do not, in many cases, achieve the reliability objectives with the allocated resources. Emphasis ‘on reliability performance prior to the final demonstration could substantially increase the chance of meeting these objectives. This can be accomplished by the utilization of reliability growth management. This involves setting interim reliability goals to be met during the development testing program, and the necessary allocation and reallocation of resources to attain these goals. A comprehensive approach to reliability growth management throughout the development program consists of planning, evaluating and controlling the growth process.

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1.1 Purpose.

This handbook provides procuring activities and development contractors with an understanding of the concepts and principles of reliability growth, advantages of managing reliability growth, and guidelines and procedures to be used in managing reliability growth. It should be noted that this handbook is not intended to serve as a reliability growth plan to be applied to a program without any tailoring. This handbook, when used in conjunction with knowledge of the system and its development program, will allow the development of a reliability growth management plan that will aid in developing a final system that meets its requirements and lowers the life cycle cost of the fielded systems.

1.2 Application.

This handbook is intended for use on systems/equipments during their development phase by both contractor and government

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