Military Handbook- Glossary of Training Device Terms

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• Air Combat Maneuvering
At minimum, Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) involves a pair of pilots aircrew in aircraft pursuing mutually exclusive objectives. One aircraft is seeking to destroy the other. The dynamics relationship between the two aircraft is constantly changing as each pilot maneuvers to counteract the maneuvers of the other.

• Actual Equipment Trainer (Maintenance)
An actual system or subsystem component modified to allow multiple disassembly or assembly for training of maintenance personnel as specialists for field maintenance level or depot level shops.

• Air tactics trainer
A trainer tat simulates the aircraft operational systems and the environment effects which are encountered. It is used for air crew training in the tactical application of the operational systems.

• Aliasing
Unnatural artifacts of simulation which result from treating continuous things as a set of discrete fragments. When simulation processing of the discrete parts is completed and the parts are recombined to form the entire thing being simulated discontinuities occur. In training simulation the term is usually applied to stairtstep like structures in straightly lines of a visual image, but it also applies to other similar phenomena. The discontinuities may be in space, time and other domain.

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This handbook is intended to serve as a convenient reference source for training device terms and to define those terms so as to strip them of shaded interpretations, ambiguities and misuse in their application.

Used as a guide in preparation of procurement specifications, military standards and technical manuals, this glossary will reduce misunderstanding within all department and agencies of the Department Defense and in Government/industry exchanges of technical information.

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