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4.1 Common sense approach.
Acquisition streamlining is a common-sense approach to making DOD’s acquisition programs more efficient and effective. Its ultimate goal, as stated in 000 Directive (DODD) 5000.43, is to reduce the cost and time it takes to field operationally suitable weapons systems an acquire their supporting services. Acquisition streamlining is intended to provide a framework for meeting that goal. It deals with requirements definition, the use of specifications and standards, and contracting. The great potential of streamlining to ensure effectiveness in acquisition can only b realized if you, the program manager, fully integrate streamlining procedures into the weapons system development process; streamlining cannot be effective if you add it at the end of !he process. You must make it an integral element of the program approach during the definition of requirements, the development of the acquisition strategy, the translation of that strategy to a contract, and the management of the contract, during the entire acquisition process.

This handbook is prepared to help you meet the goal of reducing cost and time while providing workable systems to the field. Not only can it help you, it can guide the entire acquisition community (contracting officer, legal officer, engineer, logistician, etc.) in applying the principles of streamlining to individual programs. It is particularly useful to those program office personnel who focus on specific acquisition functions (e.g., specification development, contracting, configuration management) at specific times in the life of the program. Streamlining is not the only process designed to encourage effectiveness in the acquisition process. Baselining (OODD 5000.45), value engineering (DODD 4245.8), design to cost (DODD 4245.3), data management (DOD Instruction, DODI 5010.12), and acquisition of commercial products and nondevelopmental items (DODD 5000.37) are comparable processes that you must consider.

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1.1 This handbook provides guidance Information pertaining to the implementation of Department of Defense acquisition streamlining policies as directed by DOOD 5000.43.

1.2 Purpose. The purpose of acquisition streamlining is to promote innovative and cost-effective acquisition requirements and acquisition strategies that will result in the most efficient utilization of resources to produce quality weapons systems and products. Acquisition streamlining is based on the concept that by applying pertinent contract requirements and allowing early industry involvement in recommending the most cost-effective solutions, the Department of Defense can reduce the cost and time of system acquisition and life cycle cost without degrading system effectiveness.

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