Military Handbook- A Guide for DoD STD 2168 Defense System Software Quality Program

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b. Software development processes. DOD-STD-2168 requires evaluations of the processes used in software development. DOD-STD-2168 uses the terms processes, activities, practices, and procedures interchangeably. The terms are synonymous in this context. All software development projects have such processes, activities, practices, and procedures regardless of whether they are documented. DOD-STD-2168 evaluations apply only to the software development processes required by the contract and those described in the software plans.

--> Note that process evaluations are not meant to included evaluations of the capabilities of managers, software engineers, or any other personnel who are associated with the project.

Software development contracts
• DOD-STD-2168 is meant for application on a software development contract. When a Government agency, rather than a contractor, develops, enhances, or corrects software, DOD-STD-2168 may be applied to that agency. In this case, the term “contractor" throughout the standard applies to that agency, and the term "subcontractor" to any participating contractors of that agency.

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1.1 Scope
• This handbook provides guidance to Government Program Managers and other program office staff responsible for applying DOD-STD-21 68, Defense System Software Quality Program.

1.1.2. Purpose of the handbook
• This handbook describes the intent of DOD-STD- 2168’s requirements, interprets those requirements, and provides recommendations for applying the standard on a software acquisition or support contract.

1.1.3 Organization of the handbook
• This handbook is organized into six sections. This first section defines the scope, purpose, organization, and applicability of the handbook and DOD-STD-2168, provides wording for use in placing DOD-STD-2168 on a contract, describes key concepts of DOD-STD-2168, and provides general tailoring guidance. Sections 2 and 3, respectively, list the documents that are referenced by this handbook and the acronyms used in this handbook. Sections 4 and 5 present the text of each corresponding DOD-STD-2168 paragraph, provide an interpretation, and state the intent of each paragraph.

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