Military Handbook-Evaluation of Contractor's Quality Program

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Quality Program Management

3.1 Organization

Effective management for quality shall be clearly prescribed by the contractor. Personnel performing quality functions shall have sufficient, well-defined responsibility, authority and the organizational freedom to identify and evaluate quality problems and to initiate, recommend or provide solutions. Management regularly shall review the status and adequacy of the quality program. The term 'quality program requirements' as used herein identifies the collective requirements of this specification. It does not mean that the fulfillment of the requirements of this specification is the responsibility of any single contractor's organization, function or person.

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This revised issue of the Quality and Reliability Assurance Handbook H-50 has been updated to reflect the concepts of computerization, automation and advanced statistical methods, which are being utilized as aids in the control of product quality.

With the enhancements contained herein, this document will continue to provide guidance to personnel responsible for the evaluation of a contractor's quality program when Military Specification MIL-Q-9858 is contractually invoked. MIL-Q-9858 'Quality Program Requirements', mandates that contractors establish a quality program which will assure compliance to all contractually invoked quality requirements.

MIL-Q-9858 is intended for use in contracts whose product requires controls beyond the inspection and testing phases. These additional controls should normally be applicable to products of a complex nature and/or products containing high reliability requirements. Contracts which do not require the additional controls may invoke MIL-I-45209, 'Inspection System Requirements.' A decision as to which of these specifications invoke in a contract must be made by the technical and procurement personnel who specify the other quality contractual requirements.

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