Military Handbook-Electromagentic Compatibility (EMC) Guide for Platforms, Systems and Equipment

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4. Incorporating EMC During Program Life Cycle:

4.1 General Management and engineering personnel must establish and implement a procedure for integrating EMC into the various phases of the life cycle of platforms, systems and equipments. This approach is required to assure early consideration of EMC as well as to provide the necessary continuity for achieving and maintaining the required EMC. The approach in the case of a complex system usually includes modelling, analyzing, simulating and testing to determine emission and susceptibility characteristics and operational constraints. Final requirements are postulated by tailoring of general standards to the particular characteristics and operational requirements of the item in its individual specification.

4.2 Life cycle flow
The principal phases in the life cycle of a major system or platforms are generally delineated as:

• Concept development
• Concept validation
• Full scale development
• Production
• Deployment

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1.1 Scope

This document is intended to provide managers responsible for the design, development and acquisition of DoD platforms, systems and equipments with the guidance necessary to establish and effective program for achieving the desired degree of EMC. The handbook describes the steps which must be taken to ensure that EMC considerations are incorporated during the life cycle to achieve the desired compatibility for the life cycle of the platform, system or equipment.

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