Military Handbook- Interactive Courseware (ICW) for Military Training- Glossary For (Part 3 of 3)

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3.1 Ability grouping.
Arrangement whereby trainees are assigned to groups on the

3.2 Ablation.
Optical memory data writing technique where a laser burns holes, or pits, in thin metal film.

3.3 A-B rolls.
A technique by which audio/video information is played back from two videotape machines rolled sequentially, often for the purpose of dubbing the sequential information onto a third tape, usually a composite master. Required to achieve special
effects or dissolves between scenes when editing.

3.4 Academic Review Board.
A board which evaluates a trainee’s progress and recommends a course of action when the trainee has failed to achieve learning objectives or when the trainee is qualified to accelerate his/her training.

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1.1 This glossary contains definitions of all key terms used in MlL-HDBK-284-1 and MIL-HDBK-284-2. Key terms defined in MIL-STD-1379 are repeated herein to provide a single comprehensive glossary of terms and definitions related to military training and interactive courseware(ICW). This glossary also contains up-to-date terms and definitions on training in general, training that uses ICW, computer-based training, computers, and other means of instruction, and that is acquired through the Government acquisition process. It also defines all abbreviations and acronyms used in this handbook, MIL-HDBK-284-1, and MlL-HDBK-284-2. Service peculiar definitions included herein are identified by; (A) for Army, IN) for Navy, (M) for Marine Corps, and IF) for Ak Force.

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