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The average age of industrial plant equipment supporting DoD components was 15 years in 1979. Although the average age of industrial plant equipment was 15 years, the metalworking equipment category, which accounts for over one-half of the equipment in inventory, was-over 21 years in age. The majority of old equipment in place is simply the result of the lack of available money for replacement or the mandatory trade offs to high priorities for funds. Recognition of unfunded investment opportunities.
The first significant and documented recognition of the DoD inability to finance productivity enhancing investments-came in 1972. At that time a joint study group composed of OMB, CSC (now the Office of Personnel Management) and GAO identified a backlog of over $200 million in unfinanced investment opportunities-- investments which would have returned costs through productivity improvements in three years. These were already documented opportunities and do not represent opportunities that can be identified by the aggressive approach to capital investment.

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This handbook provides engineering practice guidance for engineering personnel responsible for selection, justification, and post operation analysis of productivity enhancing industrial plant equipment (IPE) and related computer aided manufacturing support systems. Essential material on productivity enhancing IPE and computer aided manufacturing support systems is provided herein to familize engineers with the equipment and systems available for application to production in support of depot maintenance, research and development, prototype production and the development of manufacturing methods and technology for the production contract. Additional chapters of this handbook will be issued in the future covering subjects of interest to DoD components in the area of manufacturing methods and technology.

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