Military Handbook- System Safety Engineering Design for Army Materiel

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1.5 System Safety Engineering and other Disciplines

Most of all the disciplines involved in the design, engineering, production, and deployment of Army systems are concerned in some way with system safety. Accordingly, one of the primary functions of the system safety engineering is to integrate the safety-related planning done by various other disciplines. These other disciplines are responsible for specific categories of safety planning, but their primary responsibilities are for other services. For example, reliability engineers are concerned with the failure rates of all components is a piece of equipment, whether or not such failures are safety related.

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The military profession has never been considered safe. In fact, many people join the Armed Forces to be held in esteem for exhibiting daring and courage in the face of the enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy is not the only source of death or injury faced by the solider. For example, members of t he Ancient and Honourable Order of Artillerymen were admired for their willingness to work with primitive cannon, which frequently exploded with devastating results. Gradually, commanders realized that losses of personnel and equipment through accidents were just as final and as serious as losses caused by enemy action.

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