Military Standardization Handbook- Military Packaging Engineering

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DOD Engineering for Transportability Program.
This program provides for the Inclusion of transportability requirements in the design of end items which are obtained through the materiel acquisition program for adoption into the military services supply systems. DOD Directive 3224.1, Engineering for Transportability, Is a directed DOD-wide function. This directive assigned transportability functions to the three military departmental secretaries and the Director, Defense Logistics Agency. The designated transportability agents are: The Department of the Army Commander, Military Traffic Management Command, Washington, DC 20315; The Department of the Navy Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, Deputy Commander for Transportation, Washington, DC 20376; The Department of the Air Force AFSC/LGTT, Washington, DC 20334; The US Marine Corps Commandant, US Marine Corps, (LFT-3), Washington, DC 20380, and for the Defense Logistics Agency--Director, Defense Logistics Agency, DLA–HT, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA 22314.

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