Military Handbook- Reliability Test Methods, Plans and Environments for Engineering Development, Qualification and Production

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Test Duration
The test duration for RD/GT should be specified in advance, by the Government,in the request for proposal, contract, and specification. During the test program, additional test time may be specified if needed to achieve reliability goals. ESS time is variable, which depends on lot size, failure distribution of the early failures, types of environmental stress applied, and stress levels. Some maximum allowable test time should be used for test planning. For sequential test plans, test duration should be planned on the basis of maximum allowable test time (truncation), rather than the expected decision point, to avoid the probability of unplanned test cost and schedule overruns.

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1.1 Purpose
This handbook provides test methods, test plans, and test environmental profiles which can be used in reliability testing during the development, qualification, and production of systems and equipment.

1.2 Applicability
This handbook explains techniques for use in reliability tests performed during the integrated test programs specified in MIL-STD-785. Procedures, plans, and environments which can be used in Reliability Development/Growth Tests (RD/GT), Reliability Qualification Tests (RQT), and Production Reliability Acceptance Tests (PRAT) are discussed. In addition, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) methods are provided.

1.2.1 Application of handbook
Data provided in this handbook can be used selectively on reliability test program, and can be specified in Department of Defense contracted procurements, requests for proposals, statements of work, and Government in-house development which require reliability testing.

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