Military Handbook- Documentation Streamlining

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4.1 Documents to streamline
Any standardization document can be streamlined. Any document which does not contain reference documents, and contains the minimum essential technical requirements, may be considered a streamlined document.

4.1.1 Document with an appendix
If a zero tier document contains an appendix which forms a mandatory part of the document and which contains reference documents, the appendix must also be streamlined in order for the zero tier document to be termed a 'streamlined' document

4.1.2 Document with a supplement
If a zero tier document contains a supplement which lists associated detail specifications, the documents in the supplement should be listed in the appendix generated through streamlining of the zero tier document (see Section 6). The applicability for each document listed in the supplement shall be 'associated details specification'. There is no need to review the subsequent tiers of the associated detail specifications.

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