Military Handbook- Prove out of Production Facilities

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General guidelines for prove-out applicability are outlined below. Since production facilities projects encompasses a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes and equipment sometimes exhibiting unique characteristics, prove-out should be tailored to best suit each specific project. The methodologies in this handbook should be used as building blocks in conjunction with sound engineering and managerial judgement to establish tailored prove-out plans. As a minimum, the statistical methodology of Appendix A can be used to provide quantitative evaluation of alternative prove-out plans for specific projects. Other prove-out elements described herein may be included or modified as well. In this manner, a consistent approach to developing prove-out requirements for production facilities is established.

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The prove-out approach presented in this handbook is a statistically based methodology developed to control the risk of establishing a production facility (or production lines) that will not satisfy production rate requirements. This is especially important from a readiness perspective within DoD where production facilities may be sized against anticipated needs during conflict but operated at lower rated during peacetime. Data from prove-out of the full scale production facility can be used to verify mobilization, surge and peacetime production capacities. The keystone of prove-out is a system Demonstration Test (DT) conducted in accordance with a Demonstration Test Specification (DTS), with reported results in a Demonstration Test Report (DTR). The contractor is to prepare a Demonstration Test Plan (DTP) in accordance with the Government prepared DTS, obtain Government approval of the plan, assure the DT is conducted, and report the results in the DTR.

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