Military Handbook- Guidelines for Developing Data Communications Protocol Standards

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4.2.1 Relationship to base standards
As described in ISO/IEC/TR 10000-1, base standards specify procedures and formats that facilitate the exchange of information between systems. They provide different options in anticipation of different applications, and take into account different capabilities of real systems and networks.

Profiles promote interoperability by defining the use of base-standard combinations for a given function and environment. In addition to allowing a selection of base standards, a profile specifies choices of permitted options for each base standard and of suitable values for parameters left unspecified in the base standard. A profile can be used to identify the specific base standard(s) needed to implement each required parameter or element of service included within the scope of the profile, as well as the specification of required options and parameters, of each specific base standard.

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1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this military handbook (MIL-HDBK) is to describe the development process of MIL-STD-2045 series of standards. This document shall:

a. Convey general policy and procedures for DoD Stanardized Profile (DSP)
b. Establish the framework and taxonomy for DSP development in accordance wit the international Organization for Standardization /International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Report (ISO/IEC/TR) 10000.
c. Establish the numbering schema for the series and provide guidance for developing, testing, coordinating, and publishing the MIL-STD-205 series of Military Standards.

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