Military Handbook- Acquisition Practices for Parts Management

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4.4 Replacement parts.
The process for the management and documentation of parts, other than those on an as-built or as-designed parts list, should be specified in the SOW or by a program document specified in the SOW. In specifying the part replacement process, care should be taken to ensure that the program is consistent with the intent and application of other systems engineering disciplines (e.g., reliability, configuration management, quality, logistics, etc.). These disciplines are interdependent with the parts management program and the activities of each should be coordinated. The part replacement process should address the scope of management for each phase of hardware manufacture (i.e., prototype, preproduction, and production).

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1.1 Purpose.
This handbook is a guide for Military Acquisition Activities (AA) in the evaluation of contractor responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with respect to parts program management and standardization and will help determine to what extent parts management and standardization should be for a given program. It will also identify those attributes in a proposal that will promote effective part program management and standardization. This document will also provide insight for the contractor in the preparation of RFP responses in that it will allow the contractor to identify parts management program attributes that are considered important by the government.

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