DoD Handbook- Mechanical Equipment and Subsystems Integrity Program

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1.4 Program overview.

The effectiveness of any military force depends on the mission effectiveness and operational readiness of its weapons systems. A major factor which affects readiness and mission reliability is the integrity (including durability, safety, reliability, and supportability) of the various subsystems and equipment that comprise the total weapons system. To enhance the effectiveness of this equipment in meeting operational needs, the Air Force has adopted the "Integrity Process" as the key vehicle to economically develop, achieve, and maintain required performance for the various elements of the weapon system. The integrity process has been adopted from the highly successful Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP), first employed in the late l950's for structure. This process captures the generic features of ASIP building upon the evolution and experiences gained over the last three decades.

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1.1 Purpose.
The purpose of this standard is to describe the general process (program) to achieve and maintain the integrity of aerospace and ground mission mechanical systems, subsystems, and equipment. This standard allows for tailoring the process in a competitive environment to meet specific subsystem, equipment and/or system requirements. Mechanical Equipment and Subsystems Integrity Program (MECSIP) is implemented into the procurement through the Statement of Work (SOW). This standard should be tailored for each procurement in accordance with specific program strategy.

1.2 Use.
This standard cannot be used for contractual purposes without being tailored with specific supplemental information pertinent to the equipment or subsystem being procured. After being tailored, the information in this standard is intended to be included in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and contract SOW as an appendix, annex, or incorporated by reference.

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