DoD Handbook- Integrated Diagnostics (ID)

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1.4.3 Integrated diagnostic process.

The ID process is intended to work in a system engineering environment. It requires a team approach in which all aspects of an acquisition (performance, support, production, etc.) are considered from the beginning and addressed interactively throughout a program. Properly tailoring and applying diagnostic requirements as depicted on the Roadmap will ensure that diagnostics is considered at tie proper points in an acquisition program. It is up to overall program management to ensure that the proper system engineering environment is provided so that these requirements can be satisfied.

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1.1 SCOPE.
This standard contains generic requirements and verifications for properly incorporating integrated diagnostics (ID) into acquisition program events, such as creasing documents and plans, accomplishing studies and tradeoffs, and conducting reviews and audits.

The diagnostic capability discussed in this document covers a system’s ability to detect faults and to isolate the causes of those faults to provide status information upon which to base decisions, such as is an aircraft safe to fly, what needs to be replaced or repaired to restore a function, or has a component been successfully repaired.

The various appendices to this standard offer guidance on tailoring these generic requirements to fit specific programs and guidance on how to meet these requirements once applied to a program.

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