DoD Handbook- Calibration and Measurement Requirements

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Interpretive guidance: Occasionally it is beneficial to the developer and/or the reviewer of the CMRS to develop a pictorial view of the parametric flow. A flow chart, with the subsystem parameters mapped to the system parameters, mapped to the SE parameters, mapped to either the appropriate service’s approved calibration procedure or the calibration standards, mapped to the national standards or a physical constant. Generally, the parametric mapping (i.e. traceability) will be satisfied with either an appropriate service’s approved calibration procedure or to a first tier calibration standard which has an approved procedure. Rarely does the parametric map have to document a flow to the national standards or a physical constant. The parameters required for interchangeability necessary to be documented will be driven down to the lowest level of repair documented in the LSA where measurements are required.

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1.1 Scope.
The information and interpretive guidance provided by this handbook are intended to clarify the requirements invoked by MIL-STD-1839. This handbook is for guidance only. This handbook cannot be cited as a requirement. If it is, the contractor does not have to comply.

1.2 Purpose.
This handbook is an informational guide intended to provide design activities (government representatives and contractor personnel) with an expanded understanding of MIL-STD- 1839 requirements, and to assist in providing for the uniform evaluation of the contractor’s compliance to the individual requirements as they apply to the contract. Accordingly, this handbook quotes (“ ”) the requirements from the respective sections of MIL-STD-1839, for easy reference, followed by interpretive guidance for the requirements of the standard. This handbook cannot modify or add to any of the MIL-STD-1839 requirements.

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