DoD Handbook- Maintainability of Avionic and Electronic Systems Equipment

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4.1 Quantitative maintainability requirements

Quantitative maintainability requirements for organizational (O) level and intermediate (I) level shall be specified in the contract Statement of Work or equipment specification. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum time to repair (Mmaxct) within which 95% of all organizational corrective maintenance actions will be completed and shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes. Maximum time to repair includes all elements (e.g. verification, locations, repair, etc.) as defined in MIL-STD-471 and MIL-HDBK-472.

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1.1 Scope
This standard covers the common maintainability design requirements to be used in military specifications for avionic and electronic systems and equipment.

1.2 Application
This standard is applicable to Naval Air Systems Command procurements for the design and development of avionic and electronic systems equipment. The requirements contained herein are intended to provide uniform requirements and shall be incorporated by reference in detailed equipment specifications.. Other documents may reference requirements when applicable.

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