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A manual should be divided into parts only where it is desired to separate the coverage for the various maintenance levels; where more than one model is covered, and the difference between models is so great that coverage together is not feasible; or in any situation where a breakdown between chapter and volume can be justified. A part should always be a division of a volume, never a separate volume in itself.

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This handbook is a general guide for a technical writer, it contains guidelines ad criteria for selecting the optimum type and amount of TM (technical manual) coverage for military equipment, and related documents under all mission conditions. This handbook has been developed for use in conjunction with the technical content specifications to provide the additional guidance material needed to produce usable, user-oriented TM.

In man cases, several alternatives exist for presentation of TM information, in these cases, selection criteria are included to guide the writer's selection of the best alternative. When possible, these criteria are based on:

a. Target audience
b. Type of equipment
c. Complexity of equipment
d. Representative examples of TM's on similar equipment

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