DoD Handbook- Human Engineering Guidelines for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities

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3.1 Systems Engineering

An interdisciplinary approach to evolve and verify an integrated and life-cycle balanced set of system product and process solutions that satisfy customer needs. Systems engineering: (a) encompasses the scientific and engineering efforts (including human engineering) related to the development manufacturing, verification, deployment, operations, support, and disposal of system produces and processes (b) develops needed user training equipment,procedures and data (c) establishes and maintains configuration management of the system, (d) develops work breakdown structures and statements of work, and (e) provides information for management decision making

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1.1 Scope.
This standard establishes and defines the requirements for applying human engineering to the development and acquisition of military systems, equipment, and facilities. These requirements include the work to be accomplished by a contractor or subcontractor in conducting a human engineering effort integrated with the total system engineering and development effort. These requirements am the basis for including human engineering in proposals system, equipment, software, and facility analysis, design and test and documentation and reporting.

1.2 Applicability.
This standard applies to the acquisition of military systems, equipment and facilities however, it is not intended that all tic requirements contained herein should be applied 10 every program or program phase.

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