DoD Handbook- Human Engineering Design Guidelines

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The design of systems, equipment, and facilities should conform to the capabilities and limitations of the fully-equipped individual to operate, maintain, supply, and transport the materiel in its operational environment consistent with tactical criteria and logistic capabilities. Accordingly, design-induced workload, accuracy, time constraints, mental processing, and communications requirements should not exceed operator, maintainer, or controller capabilities. Design should also foster effective procedures, work patterns, and personnel safety and health, and minimize factors which degrade human performance. Design also should minimize personnel and training requirements within the limits of time, cost, and performance trade-offs.

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1.1 Scope.
This handbook provides human engineering design guidelines and reference data for design of military systems, equipment, and facilities. (Programmatic and technique-oriented guidelines may be found in DOD-HDBK-763 and MIL-HDBK-761.)

1.2 Applicability.

1.2.1 Application.
The function- and commodity-oriented design guidelines and practices provided by this handbook apply to military systems, equipment, and facilities. They may be applied during any phase of acquisition, as appropriate, where design influence, design, or design evaluation is involved. (A comprehensive treatment of human engineering design of user-computer interaction is provided by MIL-HDBK-761.)
1.2.2 Selection of hardware, materials, or processes. Nothing in this handbook should be construed as limiting the selection of hardware, materials, or processes to items that may be described herein.

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