DoD Handbook- Glossary of Training (part 4 of 5 parts)

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3.2 Definitions.
The terms used within the MIL-HDBK-29612 series of handbooks are defined as follows:

• 3.2.1 Ability.
Power to perform an act, either innate or the result of learning and practice.

•3.2.2 Ability grouping.
Arrangement whereby students are assigned to groups on the basis of aptitude testing.

•3.2.3 Ablation.
Optical memory data writing technique where a laser burns holes, or pits, in thin metal film.

•3.2.4 A-B rolls.
A technique by which audio and video information are played back from two videotape machines rolled sequentially, often for the purpose of dubbing the sequential information onto a third tape, usually a composite master. Required to achieve special effects or dissolves between scenes when editing.

•3.2.5 Academic Review Board.
A board that evaluates a student's progress and recommends a course of action when the student has failed to achieve learning objectives or when the student is qualified to accelerate their training.

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