Manager's Handbook for Software Development

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To get started, the manager must gain a clear understanding of the scope of the project and must establish the basis for control. The major initial concerns relate to clarifying the requirements, the deliverables, and the organizational framework. By addressing the four sets of questions below, the manager will acquire an understanding of the key elements that will affect project planning.

Identifying the Requirements
• What functions must the system perform?
• How will the system be operated?
• Are the boundaries of the system visible?
• In what form does the job definition exist?
• Is the current job definition understandable?
• Does the project depend on external events or activities?
• Identifying the Products and Deliverables
• What documents, programs, and files are specified as deliverable products?
• When must they be delivered?
• In what form are the deliverables, e.g., draft copies or on tape?
• Who will receive the deliverables and accept the final product?
• What criteria will be used to judge the acceptability of the final product?

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Methods and aids for the management of software development projects are presented. The recommendations are based on analyses and experiences of the Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) with flight dynamics software development. The management aspects of the following subjects are described: organizing the project, producing a development plan, estimating costs, scheduling, staffing, preparing deliverable documents, using management tools, monitoring the project, conducting reviews, auditing, testing, and certifying.

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