NASA Schedule Management Handbook

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2.1 Schedule Management Approach

Schedule management encompasses the development, maintenance, control, and archival of the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). The IMS constitutes the framework for time phasing and coordinating all program/project efforts to ensure that objectives are accomplished within project commitments. The following are the schedule management process groups contained in this handbook: Pre-Schedule Development, IMS Development, Status Updates and Schedule Maintenance, Schedule Assessment and Analysis, Schedule Control, Schedule Reporting, and Schedule Data and Lessons Learned Archival. These process groups are described in more detail in subsequent chapters. These process groups interact with each other and with other project management processes such as cost estimating, change control, and risk management.

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1.1 Background
This chapter provides an introduction to key elements of NASA’s strategic framework for managing programs and projects. Subsequent chapters deal with best practices in how to most effectively administer and satisfy the scheduling requirements that are established in (NPR) 7120.5, NASA Program and Project Management Processes and Requirements.

1.1.1 NASA’s Program/Project Life Cycle Management Process
NASA programs vary significantly in scope, complexity, cost, and criticality; however, all have a life cycle that is divided into two phases:

• Formulation – Pre-Systems Acquisition, in which program requirements are conceived, a required funding level is established, and a plan for implementation is designed, all consistent with the updated NASA Strategic Plan.
• Implementation - Systems Acquisition, Operations and Sustainment, in which projects are initiated through competition (e.g., Announcement of Opportunity (AO)) or other process, and their formulation, approval, implementation, integration, operation, and ultimate decommissioning are constantly monitored.

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