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Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary approach encompassing the entire set of scientific, technical and managerial efforts needed to provided a set of life-cycle balanced system solutions that satisfy customer needs. Throughout this standard, 'balanced' refers to system requirements and/or the corresponding design for which the capabilities to be provided, cost, schedule, risk and evolutionary growth have been assessed and found to be acceptable in the context of the program that is to satisfy the requirements.,

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This standard's purpose is to describe and require a disciplined systems engineering approach in system acquisitions. this document is primarily intended to be used by Government agencies (Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, NASA and others); it is equally applicable to civil and commercial developments. It is thus a compliance document to be applied to performing activities in system acquisitions. Performing activities are generally private contractors or subcontractors engaged by the Government to design and produce, software systems, command and control and C4I systems, intelligence systems, and other materiel systems. This standard is primarily intended to define requirements for performing activities; taking activities will also use it as a guide to assist in systems engineering planning and management. Tasking activities will generally be agencies responsible for acquiring, operating and maintaining systems and families of systems.

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