DoD Handbook- Work Breakdown Structure

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1.7 WBS Evolution

Throughout the life cycle of any system, the systems engineering function takes the lead in system development. This includes the development of system specifications, functional specifications, or a set of configuration items. The systems engineering process impacts requirements analysis, functional analysis and allocation, synthesis and system analysis and controls. Satisfying total systems cost, schedule, and performance requirements at an acceptable level of risk is the important factor. The purpose of these efforts is to define and design system product and process solutions in terms of design requirements that satisfy the functional architectures, and the, to design and integrate the system as a physical architecture.

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This handbook presents guidelines for preparing, understanding, and presenting a work breakdown structure (WBS). After the general purpose of work breakdown structures is discussed in Chapter 1, the handbook provides instructions on how to develop a program work breakdown structure (Program WBS) in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 offer guidance for developing and implementing a contract work breakdown structure (Contract WBS). Chapter 4 examines the role of the work breakdown structure in contract negotiation and award and in post-contract performance.

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