MoD- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 3 Technical Guidance (Section 13 - The Workplace)

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13.1 General HF Issues
Workplace Design must encompass the needs of teams, groups and, in some cases, even crowds as well as the needs of individuals. However, much of the design detail involves the specification of individual workspaces or workstations. A knowledge of body sizes and shapes is required to ensure that the workplace is suitable for the operator.

To configure the individual operator’s workplace the designer will have to arrange all of the equipment according to the principles of display and control layout and the ease in which it can be maintained (refer to Section 12, Designing for Maintainability in this document for details on designing for ease of maintenance).

In providing satisfactory space for the operator to carry out his tasks, the designer will need to take account of the basic human data considerations of body size, strength and stamina (see Sections 9.2 (Physical Aspects), 9.3 (Strength) and 9.4 (Stamina) of this document).

To configure the operator’s workplace, the designer will need to consider both its physical surroundings and its internal and external environment, to ensure that the workplace neither endangers nor neglects the health, safety or efficiency of the operator.

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13 Introduction
Part 3, Section 13 of this document provides information and technical guidance on workplace design focusing on physical workspaces, enclosed spaces, workstations and the arrangement of items of equipment therein.
Hence, Section 13 covers the following topics:
a) General HF Issues for Workplaces.
b) Workspace Design, including design principles and approaches.
c) Workspace and Task Lighting.
A workplace may be defined, for the purposes of this document, as any environment within which an operator is required to carry out tasks (i.e. their personal workspace).
A workspace may be defined as the complete working environment within which all operators and equipments are arranged to function as a unit.

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