MoD- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 3 Technical Guidance (Section 16 Living Spaces)

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16.2.1 Platform/Building Space
The following aspects should be considered:
a) Space provision, location, adjacencies, size, shape, access, colour schemes.
b) Surface coverings: floor, walls, ceilings, etc.
c) Furnishings.
d) Sleeping accommodation.
e) Personal space, dimensions, access, privacy.
f) Domestic areas, galleys, heads, showers, laundry, etc., communal areas.
g) Passageways.
h) Messing.
i) Recreational/leisure/personal activities.
j) Social.
k) Educational study.

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16.1 Introduction
Part 3, Section 16 provides information and technical guidance on accommodation and habitability, and focuses on how a reasonable ‘work-life’ balance may be achieved. This is important for maintaining the individual’s, team’s and organisation’s contributions to operational performance, and for improving retention in the military.
Hence, Section 16 of this document covers the following topics:
a) Factors Affecting Habitability.
b) Accommodation Size.
c) Accommodation Standards.

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