MoD- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 3 Technical Guidance

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3.2 Def Stan 00-250 - Development Background
Def Stan 00-25 "Human Factors for Designers of Equipment" has provided a major source of Human Factors data and guidance since the inception of the standard between 1987 and 2000. In its original form, the Standard comprised fourteen individual, "self standing" parts. The numbering of the parts and the order of their publication did not present a systematic treatment of the material in the documents.
A major revision exercise in 2003-2004 updated and re-structured the material into seven parts, principally structured around the HFI domains. That revision also recognised the role of the standard in systems design through its re-titling as Def Stan 00-25 "Human Factors for Designers of Systems".
As the successor to Def Stan 00-25, Defence Standard 00-250, Human Factors for Designers of Systems, introduces a number of changes to the overall structure of the material and of the detail within its various parts. These changes have been based on:
• a study of user needs and users’ preferred ways of accessing the contents of the standard;
• a technical review of the material and selective updating where new data, guidance or techniques have become available;
• the introduction of new material to cover identified voids based on user need;
• the recognition of People as a formal component of operational capability;
• the introduction of a structured set of "People Related Requirements”, that can be used to create and support formal contracts between the MoD, as the Acquirer, and Solution Providers (Industry), to ensure that people (as a key component of operational capability) are satisfactorily integrated into complex and predominantly technological military systems.

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3 Introduction
3.1 Organisation and Contents of the Standard
Defence Standard 00-250: 2008, Human Factors of Designers of Systems succeeds the previous Human
Factors Defence Standard 00-25 (2004) of the same name. The Standard provides a structured
presentation of Human Factors (HF) and Human Factors Integration (HFI) requirements, guidance and
data, arranged to meet the needs of different types of user. It is focused on supporting the HF aspects of
contracts between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and industrial solution providers. The Standard
comprises five Parts:
• Part 0: Human Factors Integration.
• Part 1: Overarching People-Related Requirements.
• Part 2: Particular People-Related Requirements.
• Part 3: Technical Guidance
• Part 4: HFI Methods, Tools and Techniques.
Figure 3.2 provides an overview of the contents of Def Stan 00-250.

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