MoD- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 3 Technical Guidance (Section 10 - Systems Safety)

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10.1.2 Integrating Human Factors Activities and Products with Safety

This Section of Def Stan 00-250: 2008 describes the activities to be undertaken to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach to managing the Human Factors and Safety programmes within Defence System acquisition. ‘Defence Systems’ in the context of this Def Stan, comprise both the equipment and people (i.e. operators, maintainers, support staff, second and third parties). This Section specifies the Human Factors activities to be integrated with the Safety Management System.

In order to accommodate a range of acquisition strategies, this standard is not prescriptive about who undertakes these activities. Responsibilities for these activities must be defined in the HFI Strategy and HFI Plan documents.

Defence Standard 00-56 ‘Safety Management Requirements for Defence Systems’, Reference [666], and Reference [667], specifies the requirements for, and provides guidance on, the management of safety.

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The objective of this section of Def Stan 00-250 is to engender closer working between Human Factors specialists and Safety specialists, in order to achieve a safe and usable system. However, in all cases, the process and technical requirements and guidance contained in Def Stan 00-56 shall take precedence over the provided Def Stan 00-250.

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