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MoD- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 3 Technical Guidance (Section 8 - People in Systems)

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8.2 Recruitment and Selection

The terms ‘recruitment’ and ‘selection’ can be defined as follows.
Recruitment is the term used to describe the first stages of engaging personnel:
a) the clarification of the exact nature of the role to be filled.
b) identification of the skills, aptitudes and abilities required to perform the role.
c) preparation of a profile of the ideal candidate.
d) the attraction of a pool of candidates by advertisement or other means.
Selection is the term used to describe the later stages of engaging personnel:
a) short-listing candidates for interview (and possibly other psychological and physical tests).
b) the selection interview (and possibly other assessments and tests).
c) the induction process that develops a successful candidate into a useful and co-operative worker.

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8.1 Introduction

Part 3, Section 8 of this document provides information and technical guidance on people in systems and discusses the many factors that must be considered when designing a system that brings together people and technology. Section 8 of this document covers the following topics:
a) Recruitment and Selection.
b) Manning (and Complementing).
c) Job Analysis and Design.
d) Social and Organisation Issues.
Specifically, Section 8 is concerned with the mechanisms by which appropriate personnel are acquired in order to perform tasks within an organisation.

It is important to consider all aspects of ‘operation’ of the system, including operational use, maintenance, installation, and decommissioning. It is also important to consider different scenarios, such as the manning required for an emergency response.

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