DOD STD- Defense System Software Development (1988)

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4.2.4 Non-developmental software

The contractor shall consider incorporating non-developmental software (NDS) into the deliverable software. The contractor shall document plans for using NDS. NDS may be incorporated by the contractor without contracting agency approval only if the NDS is fully documented in accordance with the requirements of the standard. This software development files for NDS need not contain the design considerations, constraints, or data. Incorporation of NDS shall comply with the data rights requirements in the contract.

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1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to establish requirements to be applied during the acquisition, development, or support of software systems

1.2 Application
The requirements of this standard apply to the development of Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCIs). This standard applies to the extent specified in the contract clauses, the Statement of Work (SOW), and the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL).

1.2.1 System development
This standard should be used in conjunction with MIL-STD-499, Engineering Management, for total system development.

1.2.2 Firmware
This standard applies to the development or support of the software element of firmware. This standard does not apply to the development of the hardware element of firmware.

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