MIL-STD Engineering Drawing Practices

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Chapter 100- Preparation of Engineering Drawings

100 General
This chapter lists standards used for the preparation of Level 3 engineering drawings in accordance with DoD-D-1000. It is essential that drawings possess the following adequacy requirements for competitive procurements: details, sub-assembly, and assembly drawings shall completely delineate directly by reference to other documents, engineering requirements and characteristics such as materials, dimensions, tolerances, form and finish. The requirements and characteristics shall also include, as applicable, any electrical, mechanical performance, and other requirements necessary for function and interchangeability. Requirements and characteristics for all drawings required to be delivered shall be sufficiently complete and detailed to enable the Government to perform engineering approval design evaluation, acceptance, inspection and installation. These drawings shall also contain sufficient data to enable the governmet or its contractors to competitively procure or reprocure the like items.

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DOD-STD-00100D (AR)
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This standard prescribes general requirements for the preparation and revision of engineering drawings and associated lists prepared by or for elements of U.S> Army Tank-Automotive Command and U.S Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command.

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