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DoD STD Data Management Program (Revision)

[document] Submitted on 15 July, 2017 - 10:56
Keywords data management data management program DOD STD

5.2.2. Data revision level
Revisions or change pages to data delivered shall be identified with a dash alpha designator entered immediately after the data submission identifier. Data revision levels shall begin with -A and continue in alphabetical order for second and subsequent changes.

EXAMPLE: The first change to the first submission of the review draft under ELIN G001-02 would be identified as G001-02-A, the second change to the same submission would be identified as G001-02-B, the third change as G001-02-C, etc.

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1.1 Purpose
The standard is to provide the basis for assuring currency and timeliness of all data being acquired in accordance with the contract and paragraph V1.N.1, and paragraph 6c, Encl. 4 DoDI 5010.12.

1.2 Scope
The standard established requirements for a contractor's data management program.

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